Philips Fidelio Review

Crank up that iPhone music with this cool looking speaker.

Taking your music on the go has always been something that we like to do. The Fidelio allows you to blast audio coming from an iPod or iPhone.

It’s really easy to setup. You can plug the speaker into an outlet or use four AA batteries to power the unit. Next, you’ll slide your iPhone or iPod into the socket. Finally, turn on the speaker and your done.

The quality of sound that you can get out of this speaker is really nice. It has a solid bass and can play your audio very loudly. You cannot directly adjust your bass or treble levels off of the speaker. There is no included remote so you have to walk to the speaker in order to turn the volume down or up.

Since this speaker can be battery powered, it is portable. I wouldn’t take this on the beach since it’s front face has a very soft screen that could rip easily and get dirty if not handled correctly. It is light weight, pretty small, and easy to carry. It’s something that I could see myself having next to the pool or somewhere inside my house.

In addition to the power charger port, there is also a headphone cable with 3.5mm jack and a USB charging cable port.

We did encounter an issue with the power cord. After one time of successful use, the power plug seemed to no longer power the unit. We could only turn on the speaker by powering it up with batteries.

Since you’re paying a good amount of money for this speaker system, the last thing you’d expect to break so quickly is the power plug. It’s possible that this was a fluke and we’ve been the only ones to experience this. If that’s the case then enjoy these speakers. As it stands though from my experience I can’t whole heartedly recommend this product because of this power incident.

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