Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles – Blu-ray Review

Get ready for the ultimate showdown between good and evil. When the small medieval kingdom of Carpia is terrorized by a Fire Dragon, a young princess goes on a quest to find someone who can slay their kingdom’s tormentor. What she finds on her journey is far more than she ever expected, and he resulting conflicts and battles are a sight to behold.

Aside from the decent special effects, the highlight of the movie are the film’s recognizable stars: Arnold Vosloo and John Rhys-Davies. Most people know Vosloo from his role as Imhotep in the first two Mummy films starring Brendan Fraser. This time around he plays a good guy and speaks English, but he still brings a similar level of intensity to the role.

John Rhys-Davies co-starred in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as Gimli the dwarf and also in two of the Indiana Jones films. Here his character is comic relief, much like Gimli was several times over the course of Lord of the Rings. Both he and Vosloo do their best with the material and their presence is indeed welcomed.

Directed by Pitof, the same guy who directed Catwoman (yes, Catwoman), the film is far better than the Halle Berry/Sharon Stone film. Fire & Ice doesn’t break any new ground in the realm of medieval-themed fantasy movies, but it doesn’t hurt the genre either.

Special features include a Making of Featurette.

For an entertaining dragon flick, check out Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles.

Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD!

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