Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010: Warehouse 13 and Eureka

The first panel of the Syfy Digital Press Tour began as a joint panel with Neil Grayston of Eureka and Allison Scagliotti of Warehouse 13. Both were there to talk about their respective Holiday specials that are airing on December 7th, starting with Eureka at 9pm ET and followed by Warehouse 13 at 10pm ET.

They began by first talking about the Eureka special which will have a “snow-bound Jack Carter telling a group of kids a Holiday Eureka tale.” The episode will serve as a flash-back and will be a standalone episode not having to do with the normal run of the series. There will be several special guests including Chris Parnell as a scientist.

Neil Grayston then went on to speak about his character in the show, Douglas Fargo, and the way in which his character has changed since season 1. Most notably, he talked about the way that Fargo will have more opportunities to show that he’s not a complete bumbling fool and take on more challenges during the rest of season 2.

Next, the always-energetic Allison Scagliotti spoke about her role as Claudia Donovan on the show Warehouse 13. She mainly talked about the Holiday special and how excited she was to work with Judd Hersch who ends up taking on the role of Artie’s estranged father. This episode is also meant to be a flash-back and not fall in the current story line so don’t be surprised if Micah shows up during the course of the episode.

Scagliotti also went on to talk about the crossover episodes and the chemistry that her and Neil Grayston have during these pisodes. Their chemistry was clearly present while watching them answer questions so I am very excited to see more crossovers.

Both of the holiday episodes are said to have many singing sequences as well as numerous guest stars in addition to Judd Hersch and Chris Parnell. The Eureka Holiday Special airs on December 7th at 9pm ET followed by the Warehouse 13 Holiday Special airing at 10pm ET on the Syfy Channel.

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