Ancient Aliens: Season One – Blu-ray Review

Aliens. We see them in movies, on TV, and in comics. They have become part of pop culture since the 1950s and continue to excite, entice, and spark curiosity among people of all ages. Are aliens real? Are they a hoax? Are they among us?

Ancient Aliens explores the possibility that aliens have been visiting and influencing cultures for centuries. From the Egyptians to tribes in South America, aliens an their crafts have been mentioned in text or drawn on walls. Is it possible that alien beings helped build some of mankind’s greatest structures?

This fascinating series delves into their possibility with interviews, artifacts, and stories about the likelihood that these creatures may have helped build the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and may have influenced science and technology of the past, present, and future of our planet.

But Ancient Aliens doesn’t just look at the past, it looks at the past few decades of life on our planet and looks at evidence and theories that place alien influences at our modern doorstep. Do aliens have a secret power over us? Are they altering our DNA? Does the government know?

Season One five episodes include: The Evidence; The Visitors; The Mission; Closer Encounters; The Return; and Bonus Footage.

Ancient Aliens: Season One is a must-see for those fascinated by aliens, conspiracy theories, or the possibility that we’re not alone in this vast universe. Some of the theories come across as far-fetched, but others make you stop and wonder if there may be some truth to the notion that we are not alone.

Ancient Aliens: Season One is available November 16, 2010 on DVD and Blu-ray!

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