Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible – Review

Encore shows us what the world would look like without ILM. If there’s one way to describe this world, it would suck.

Of course ILM was created by George Lucas as a way to achieve the complex shots needed in Star Wars. He then opened up the effects shop to all film makers and it is this company that has changed what we see in movies.

For an entire hour, this Encore documentary flies through time from what led to the creation of ILM to what was in 2009 its most current film Star Trek. It’s kind of a shame that they didn’t go into detail about a little movie called Avatar.

This documentary seems to zoom by a lot of films that ILM worked on. I know that it’s tough to cram a lot of info into an hour’s worth of time, but considering that Encore is a movie channel you would think that Encore would make the time to honor as many films as possible.

But anyway they do include interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and many more. It’s directed by Leslie Iwerks who previously directed The Pixar Story. It’s kind of neat to see her come full circle from focusing on Pixar which Lucas used to own and run, to Industrial Light & Magic which started it all. It’s narrated by Tom Cruise who acts very calm and seems to be at peace with the world.

This is definitely something worth checking out if you like film history or simply movies in general. Industrial Light & Magic: Creating the Impossible premieres on Encore on November 12th at 9:00pm.

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