GSC Wants Your Quest Ideas for STALKER 2

If you get selected, you get credited and then possibly irradiated!

The guys at GSC Game World are hard at work with STALKER 2 – so hard, in fact, that they’ve run out of ideas for quests. That’s where you come in, stalker. If you amble over to this Facebook page, you’ll find that GSC wants your quest ideas. There’s a bunch of simple rules, and a limit of 5 entries you can send, because after that they’d have to pay you.

There’s no cash prize for the competition, but if you win, you’ll get your name in the credits and of course, your idea will be an actual quest in the game. The flyer doesn’t mention how many winners will be picked, but since they keep using the plural, it’s likely that they’ll be having multiple winners.

For players, this could mean a whole bunch of creative new quests. What I find disappointing though, is that GSC doesn’t give us any details on the game itself, so we don’t know what to start with: where will the game be set? What are the factions in it? What sort of environment can we expect now? On the contrary, this would mean that the sequel won’t be too far away from the earlier STALKER games.

The contest will run upto March 2011, so you have a long time to make your entries and send them in. The game itself is projected to be released in 2012, and is notable for being the first STALKER game to be multi-platform (no word on which platforms exactly). Any way, get that creativity mill running and send in your entries to everyone’s favourite Ukrainian game developer!

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