Victoria 2 Goes Gold, Pre-Order Now Available

And does Paradox know how to celebrate: hit the jump for a brand new trailer, along with details on what you get if you decide to pre-order.

Paradox Interactive, developers and publishers of some rather awe-striking, lower-budget games that often end up better than those AAA titles you see, were making Victoria 2 just now, which basically puts you in the shoes of any nation in the 19th Century and lets you play out history your way. I say ‘were’ because they’ve just announced that Victoria 2 has officially gone gold and is ready to shipped for its release date on August 13th.

And yes, that’s only 10 days from now. If you decide to buy the game within those 10 days however, this is what you get for being a nice little servant of the Her Majesty: the official Victoria 2 Soundtrack, an exclusive in-Game operatic musical piece called “Lament for the Queen”, the Victoria 2 manual, tech guide, map and Victoria 2 forum codes that gives access to a Victoria 2 strategy guide when the game is released.

With a deal like that, I don’t really see any reason not to pre-order the game, unless you’re a cautious observer who’s never played any of Paradox’s games. While I’ve been a long time admirer of the sheer depth and scale of their strategy games, it must be said that the games are especially challenging, with a steep learning curve and often mind-numbing scale of activity. Of course, how much Victoria 2 fits this discussion can only be seen when the game releases and the reviews roll in. But remember, I warned you.

Victoria 2 will be invading on August 13th for the PC only, because only the PC is able to handle all the awesome of this super-deep RTS.

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