New Fable III Screenshots Show Off Swords, Tusken Raiders

Hero, your screenshot energy is low…

Being a PC gamer, I haven’t had the pleasure/agony of playing Fable II, but Uncle Molyneux is looking out for the likes of us and has seen fit to grace us with a PC version of Fable III. As the game is currently being shown off at Comic-Con, we have four new screenshots of the game in our lap, if you will check out the gallery below.

While I like the one involving a tusken raider-like… raider, it’s hard not to notice the awful texturing on the throne of the sitting, pissed-off dude. Maybe he’s so pissed off because you can barely just make out that the drab mauve throne arms actually have a design on them. Go ahead, look closely.

Another instance of awful texturing caught on screenshot? Look at the picture where our armour-clad hero poses before what looks to be a lot of lightning. Is that lightning for real? We are 3 years post-Crysis, right? And of course, it goes without saying that these being console screenshots, they are all anti-aliased and look jarring in general.

I don’t mean to be pessimistic all the time, but I don’t understand the logic behind giving away console screenshots, especially since you have a PC version on the way. If anything, it tells your audience that the PC version is just a port of the console version. But then, maybe they just like trolling all of us.

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