PopCap Teasing Plants Vs. Zombies 2?

Save the date. Preferably with Wallnuts and Peashooters.

Shacknews has been sent an image from PopCap telling you that you should save the date of August 2, 2010. They haven’t provided any seed packets or sun points to help us with that, but you’d best get planting soon because this is very likely a hint to the announcement of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The image also says “S.F.” and has a very poorly-drawn Golden Gate Bridge on it. I have no idea what this could mean, but a little bird is telling me that it’s a hint that the game will be set in San Francisco. I’m shooing the silly bird away as we speak.

But if that is true, and the game is set in San Francisco, what can we expect from that? Apart from a plantfest on the Bridge, I can only imagine that it will involve the crazy slopes of SF’s streets. Do you have any equally crazy ideas? Push ’em through in our comments section, that text box won’t bite you!

Except when it’s hungry.

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