Dragon Age 2 Officially Revealed

First details of the full sequel, right after the jump.

And so, after some teases and tweets, we finally have the official announcement of Dragon Age 2, courtesy Gameinformer, whose August cover will be graced by the brand new hero of the game.

Info is scant at the moment, as Gameinformer will no doubt want to save the best for their issue, but we do know that the game will feature a new hero adventuring in a different part of the world, so thankfully we won’t be reminded of how Ferelden smells like a wet dog. The game will also have “a ton of surprising improvements,” which will no doubt be detailed in the 10-page preview they’ve promised.

Knowing how much BioWare was willing to change in Mass Effect 2 to streamline the experience though, don’t be surprised if Dragon Age gets a gameplay revamp. Still, BioWare is most likely wise enough to not alienate the hardcore RPG crowd they were trying to attract with Dragon Age. And expect blood. And dark, mature, gritty gore. Here’s the full cover spread below:

Now assuming that this concept art actually includes gameplay elements and isn’t just a “cool” piece to draw crowds, here’s what we can make out right now:

  • Very pointy, very angular armour
  • Dual-ended sword? The hilt seems to be doubled, and the sword seems to extend beyond the hilt the hero is holding.
  • Darkspawn attacking from hell? It could easily be a volcano though, seeing the mountains in the background.
  • Huge-ass Dragon. He makes the High Dragon look like a house lizard.
  • A female half-bird warrior. Most likely a new NPC and maybe even a new race. Reminds me of a Greek Siren.
  • Leather armour custom-cut to reveal cleavage.

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