Pretty Bird – DVD Review

What is the price of success? This and other questions are explored and answered in the quirky drama, Pretty Bird, starring Billy Crudup and Paul Giamatti. Pretty Bird tells the tale of an eccentric entrepreneur, Curtis (Crudup), who has a singular passion: he wants to build a working jet pack and fly like James Bond.

We all have that dream, but what does it take to make it happen? Money and knowledge of rocket science; two things our businessman/dreamer doesn’t have. Enter his lifelong friend Kenny (David Hornsby), and an out-of-work rocket scientist, Rick (Paul Giamatti), who help to make Curtis’s dream a reality.

But is this the reality any of them had in mind?

I really enjoyed this film. Its cast is superb, the chemistry is excellent between Giamatti and Crudup as two men fighting for the same thing: notoriety. Cleverly written and directed by Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation, Lars and the Real Girl), this Sundance 2008 Grand Jury Prize nominated film is a nice change of pace from traditional Hollywood fare. If you enjoyed Giamatti in Sideways or Crudup in Dedication, you’ll enjoy them together in Pretty Bird.

Unfortunately, Kristen Wiig (Extract) is underutilized in the film, and her comic abilities are kept muted here. While this isn’t a comedy per se, if you’re going to cast a comic actress it would make sense to give her something funny to do or say at least once. I know this is a film about the business partnership between three men, but a little more Wiig wouldn’t have hurt.

If you’re in the mood for a character-driven film, Pretty Bird is a definite must see. It’s a misadventure in every sense of the word, and it’s just plain fun!

Pretty Bird is available NOW on DVD!

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