Nature Valley Granola Thins – Food Review

The bars become squares. Nature Valley is coming out with a new line-up of granola foods called Granola Thins. There are two flavors to these Granola Thins Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

These are not the most clean foods to eat. They will leave a mess of crums and sticky peanut butter or chocolate on your fingers. So make sure that you have a napkin at hand before you snag one of these items. At least the sticky-ness problem could have been solved if these squares were more like a sandwich with two granola bars and then a slab of flavor in the middle. I recommend keeping these boxes in a cool place so the peanut butter and dark chocolate do not melt. For some reason the peanut butter falls apart more easily than the dark chocolate.

Each box contains 10 squares. At 90 (peanut butter) and 80 (dark chocolate) calories each, you’ll have to eat the entire box before they fill you up. The good thing is that they both taste good. The original Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars are dry. You definitely need a drink after eating those bars. With the peanut butter and dark chocolate these Granola Thins become pretty moist.

I personally prefer the peanut butter version over the dark chocolate. Each box runs for about $3.99. If you’ve enjoyed any of the previous Nature Valley foods before, these items should work for you.

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