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So Iron Man 2 is out, and we’ve got at least four Marvel Movies in development. Where to start? Well, first let’s go with Thor. We’ve seen Chris Hemsworth in a very shadowy picture looking all brooding and such, but it was hardly a great representation of the outfit. Well, we have some official pictures of a fully costumed Thor in all it’s plasticy and photoshopped glory.

The pictures are slightly disappointing. For one thing, a glowing Mjolnir doesn’t really help anything, just makes the weapon look really stupid. Another thing, the way the picture is portrayed it makes the tunic/body armor look really really bad. The thing is, the costume’s out of context. The original picture we saw seems to be the exact same thing, but looks nowhere near as crummy. In a scene this outfit could just work really well…. or horribly. Only time will tell, but I rather like it despite it’s short comings.

The second set of pictures we have comes from AICN for Captain America.

These pictures might seem less real, and that’s because they aren’t. They’re real in the sense that this is what Chris Evans will be wearing in the movie, but they’re just studio art, not press pictures of Evans in the suit, like the Thor pictures.

The outfit evokes a lot of the classic Captain America imagery with more than a share of Military-like equipment, but does send a conflicting message. The movie is supposed to take place during World War II, but the outfit we’re seeing is very modern. I understand the avoidance of the classic Captain Wings on the helmet, but much of the helmet itself is too form fitting for the outfit. Maybe there’ll be some changes, or perhaps we’ll just have to live with it.

Amongst the following pictures we also have news of a casting of one of Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, Dum Dum Dugan. Neal McDonough, from Star Trek: First Contact, Band of Brothers, Minority Report, the Syfy Mini-series Tin Man and apparently a season of Desperate Housewives, will be playing the Boston born SHIELD operative in Captain America: The First Avenger.

A few other interesting casting notes have also popped up. Josh Holloway, Sawyer from lost, is apparently being considered to play a major character in an upcoming Marvel movie. Which character might this be? It’s anyone’s guess. The one thing that’s certain, it’s unlikely to be Hawkeye in the Avenger’s movie.

The reason for this is that Jeremy Renner, from The Hurt Locker is getting close to closing a deal with Marvel to play the Hero in the Avengers film. A great choice there, rounding out what is already turning out to be a star studded cast with Joss Whedon at the helm.

The last big piece of casting talk is with Spider-man, or at least the hope of a new Spider-man. Donald Glover, from Community, has started a campaign to be casts in the reboot of the movie series. For some this might bring back memories of Will Smith being considered for Captain America, which wasn’t met with a great response. A distinct difference can be seen between the two actor choices.

Will Smith, while has his moments, has never struck me as a great actor. I just imagine the Captain America movie would end up being another Wild Wild West with Smith as the main character. Glover on the other hand matches Spider-man’s personality to a T. He might not match the general idea of Spider-man’s appearance, but he has one vital thing that would make him a good Spidey. Humor.

Of all the heroes out there a few prefer to resort to humor during fights. Spider-man is one of those few, often resorting to sarcastic whit to get a rise out of the supervillain he’s fighting to make them lose their temper. Someone with as much natural talent for comedy like Glover could breath a lot of that humor into the character for this new movie.

It’s a long shot, but it’s a choice I would wholly endorse. Many others as well, including Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis. A Facebook campaign has sprouted up with over 10,000 followers for Donald Glover, and #donald4spiderman quickly became a hot twitter trend. Hopefully the overwhelming support will at least tip Sony’s hand to bring Glover in for an audition.

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