The Lost Recap – Episode 609: “The Package”

Here’s what you need to know from this week’s episode of Lost, “The Package.”

1. Love Story

Sun and Jin were the focus of this week’s ep, and in the flash-sideways they aren’t married. Yes, they do travel to L.A. together, but Sun is there on a shopping trip while Jin is on business. Do they hook-up? Hell yeah! But that’s not the start of their troubles.

Upon arrival at LAX, the $25,000 that Jin had on him was taken by customs. This was money he was to pay to someone on orders from Mr. Paik (Sun’s rich father). We later learn that the money and the expensive watch Jin was also carrying were a trade-off to the man who was asked to kill Jin. Who is this mystery man?

You know him as Martin Keamy, or the mercenary dude who killed Alex in front of Ben. He’s joined by another familiar Island face, Mikhail, the eye-patch guy who kept getting killed and coming back, and ultimately aided in Charlie’s death. With the money not in play, Keamy takes Jin to a restaurant and subdues him.

Meanwhile, Sun convinces Keamy and Mikhail that she can get the money from her personal account. But her dad has emptied the account so it appears that she and Jin are now SOL.

At the restaurant, Sayid pops up, takes down everyone and discovers Jin. He gives him a cutter to aid in his escape. Mikhail and Sun arrive, Jin takes out Mikhail (shoots him through the head blows out his eye (the same eye that had the eye-patch). But Sun was caught in the cross-fire and was hit. Her revelation to Jin: she’s pregnant!

Does this mean we will be getting another Sun and Jin flash-sideways before series end? Is Jin the father of Sun’s baby?

2. Reunited?

Sun and Jin both know at this point that both are on the Island. The problem is they just can’t quite reconnect. “Locke” was going to facilitate a reunion, but Widmore’s team kidnapped Jin. Then Sun tried to run away from “Locke” and slammed her head into a tree, which left her unconscious and later unable to speak English (which is an ironic twist considering that it was the other way around at the start of the series).

Will they eventually come back together? Yes. Since ‘Kwon’ was on the cave wall and in the lighthouse, and we don’t know which of the two the actual candidate is, we’ll have to see where this reunion eventually leads. Will one of them have to sacrifice themselves to save the other?

3. Locked and Loaded

“Locke” travels over to the other Island and has a chat with Charles Widmore. Widmore refuses to comply with “Locke”’s demands, to which he declares war.

So now we have three groups about to battle it out for what can only be seen a Island supremacy. There’s the Team Jacob with Jack, Hurley, Ilana, Richard, Ben, etc. There’s Team “Locke” with Sawyer, Claire, Kate, Jin, etc. And then there’s Team Widmore with Tina Fey, some fat guy, other nameless extras and Widmore himself.

The question is who will end up ruling the Island? Place your bets.

4. Will Our Mystery Guest Enter and Sign In Please

“Locke” doesn’t like surprises, and thanks to Sawyer he knows that there’s a locked room on Widmore’s sub. We’ve also heard about a “package” and that it’s not a what, but a who. So who is it? Drumroll, please…

It’s Desmond Hume! Widmore’s nemesis has been returned to the Island by force. So what does this mean for the rest of the series? The people I know thought that the final battle would be Jack v. “Locke,” since both are clearly the logical choices to duke it out over who runs the Island. “Locke” wants to leave, but Widmore and Team Jacob won’t let him. So who will he have to manipulate or kill to get on the Ajira plane to freedom?

But now Desmond is in the rotation. Why? He wasn’t on the list of candidates. Did Widmore just bring him back to exact revenge on Desmond? Or has Widmore discovered something about Desmond that will aid him in gaining control of the Island? Whatever the case may be (also a season one episode title), Desmond may have a significant impact on the way things pan out for the remainder of the series.

5. Damn Bugs!

This has nothing to do with the episode, and if you watched it online it probably didn’t piss you off. But I really got annoyed by the countdown clock for V in the lower right-hand corner of the screen for the ENTIRE episode of Lost. The vibrant red logo was highly distracting and was a bad move on ABC’s part, in my opinion. The countdown clock is fine, but at least make the V logo see-through or smaller.

Anyone else bothered by this?


So, who’s going to die next? We have plenty of characters that can be killed off over the next six episodes before the big finale. Who is most likely to go? My top choices are: Sayid, Claire, and Kate. Why? Sayid isn’t Sayid anymore, so he’s technically expendable. Claire’s insane and “Locke” has made it clear that he just needs to use her and Kate to help him get off the Island, which makes them expendable as well. Plus, Claire won’t let Kate get off the Island for fear that she’ll go back to Aaron, so Kate already has a target on her.

Would the series be willing to kill Sawyer before series end? Since he is the primary character who has undergone a major change in attitude, personality, and outlook, it’s possible that the reformed Sawyer could be on the chopping block.

People that probably are going to die are Jack, Hurley, Jin and Sun, and possibly Lapidus, Miles, and Richard. I would also say that Ben could make it to the final episode, but I’m not sure he’ll be around for the final moments of the series.

What do you think? Who will be the next character to die? Who do you think will remain by the end? How do you think the series will end? Leave a comment and let us know.

See you next week for my recap of episode 610 of Lost: “Happily Ever After.”

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