Once Upon A Time, In A Generic Fantasy World…

That’s not me being critical, it’s the honest intro for this charming new indie game, Magicka.

To be honest, what first got me hooked on Magicka was the assumption that it had something to do with the excellent Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, but turns out they’re both different, very different. The Magicka we’re talking about in this post is a fantasy action RPG set in what is blatantly described a “generic world which of course is in peril”.

I really shouldn’t be stealing the humour spotlight though, watch the official teaser trailer for the game!

Doesn’t it make you want too run off to the nearest forest and prance about in a bathrobe? That’s definitely what I’m going to be doing once I’m done writing this. Check out the official Magicka website here for screenshots and more info!

The briefs are: the game can be played both singleplayer and 4-player co-op, a self-parodying clichéed fantasy world and a unique spellcasting system based on mouse gestures (you can see some of them in the screenshots). Developed by Arrowhead Games and published by Paradox Interactive, the game will be release sometime around Q2/Q3 2010.

And here I was, thinking in my last post that there weren’t enough action RPGs to go around. Between this and DeathSpank, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to laugh over and ridicule the upcoming Hunted and Diablo III.

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