Bethesda Reveals Co-Op Action RPG, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

And believe it or not, RPG veteran Brian Fargo is overseeing development!

It’s been a while since we’ve had the announcement of a good dungeon crawl, eh? The only last game I can remember that was a dungeon crawler to the ‘r’ was Torchlight. While Diablo III still has a ways to go, we have Bethesda announcing a brand new dungeon crawler – this one with 2-player co-op, called Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

The game will be published by Bethesda, but developed by Brian Fargo’s inXile entertainment, and Fargo himself will oversee the game’s development. Don’t expect anything Fallout-y from it, however – Hunted will be set in a rich and beautiful RPG world (yes, dungeons can be beautiful).

Now what makes this more than an ordinary Action RPG is that the relation between Elara and Caddoc, the game’s two protagonists will be a major element in the game. While not lovers (yeah right), they’re mercenaries sent to a town by Seraphim, a mysterious spirit. Elara is an elf, and according to the unwritten law of all fantasy elves, she is good with the bow, but can also use melée weapons. Caddoc is all about melée, but can weild a crossbow when necessary. And they can both use magic if they bring crystals to Seraphim; magic that can be used for both team support or direct offense.

When it comes to potions, Hunted will allow you to carry 3 potions with you (physically visible on your belt), which you can then either use yourself, or throw on your buddy to revive them. Plus, Caddoc’s shields are destructible, so you’ll have to keep looking for new ones. Obviously, strategy will come into serious play here, as you’ll have to keep an eye on your healths as well as work out the best strategy to take down Assorted Zombie Demon Enemy #59.

The game will feature a unique matchmaking system for its co-op mode. Now a lot of developers have said that before, but Hunted will specifically look for variables that match yours, such as how many enemies you kill per minute, or whether you want to play with a noob or an expert, and so on. Whatever you search for, you will get and the experience will be (hopefully) like playing with a friend. I don’t know, the random matchmaking in Borderlands never did any wrong for me.

And there will be lots of NPCs and puzzles to give you a break from all that hacking and slashing. Most of the puzzles will be optional, but there will be (you guessed it) co-op puzzles that two people need to figure out.

Hunted will be out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but no release date or window has been announced as of now.

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