Brand New Deus Ex 3 Screenshots Leaked From GDC 2010

Inside: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Augmentations and Wings.

Despite all their security measures to the contrary, it seems that screenshots for the upcoming Deus Ex 3 trailer (and opening cinematic) have been leaked out onto the Internet. Whoever did it most likely travelled around in baggy coats and through vents.

A whole gallery dedicated to the leaked screenshots show the protagonist, a heavily-augmented Adam Jensen relaxing in his apartment with cigarettes, alcohol and a computer (he has augmented lungs, it’s safe for him, but not for you, kids!) when he spies with his augmented eyes sort of an enemy with what could very well be game UI. He then draws out a Wolverine-esque wrist-blade and probably engages the enemy. Boom, title card!

While we still don’t know if it’s official title is Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Deus Ex Human Revolution (without the colon), we do know that the developers have probably taken a cue from the cover artists of Heavy Rain to use origami figures to create an artistic title effect (which I wholeheartedly love, by the way).

Oh, and what’s with the bizarre shots of Adam as an angel and on an Renaissance-era operating table? A lecture about the game’s art design clarifies that: the story of Icarus has been a major influence as a metaphor on the game’s themes of transhumanism – Icarus, the transhumanist, puts on wings and tries to rise to the skies, but goes down in the proverbial flames when the sun sets his waxed wings on fire. Poetic.

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