Excellent Machinima Recreating Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian”

Suddenly, a Modern Warfare movie doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me.

Modern Warfare 2. If you haven’t played it by now, you are either a fierce boycotter or have been living under a rock. Assuming you have, however, here’s a little something you’re likely to appreciate: a guy named Michael Barnes created this terrific machinima that recreates the game’s infamous “No Russian” level.

It’s expertly created and the only thing I thought was off was that many shots felt too zoomed in – probably because the HUD and character’s weapon were cut off? Still, there’s a lot of good cinematic technique here and it really looks like something fit to air – the ending affirms that. If this is how they had marketed the game, I’d have bought it the first day. Well, maybe not really. But yes.

As for warnings, apart from the massive Modern Warfare 2 spoilers, it has all the emotional impact and hardcore violence of the No Russian level, so yeah, not for the squeamish.

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