Battlefield Bad Company 2 – A PS3 Review

The Battlefield series has been around for a while for PC users but for console users it’s only their second official outing in the series. Battlefield Bad Company 2 attempts to pick up where the first game left off but its main focus seems to be the goal of challenging this generation’s biggest selling game yet, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. BFBC2 certainly feels like it has enough snuff to duke it out with MW2 in the multiplayer component of things but makes some sacrifices along the way.

Bad Company 1 leaves off with our heroes driving off with a truck full of gold into the sunset to supposedly finally leave the military. However Bad Company 2 picks up with little to no explanation of what happened to that venture. Sarge is still “on his final mission”, Haggard is still explosives obsessed, Sweetwater the ever knowledgeable tech, and Marlow, you, are taken along for the ride. The crew of Bad Company yet again tasked with what seems to be simple in the hopes of being released from duty but as things must go, they aren’t. While the story is somewhat interesting it just doesn’t make for compelling substance. Your objectives are more narrow and short hops between the objectives keeps you from fighting hordes or enemies before reaching another checkpoint. Characters aren’t as witty or quick lipped as the previous game which was its selling point and a disappointment to not experience the second time around. The conversations and banter between the characters still seems natural and helps to create atmosphere within the group but overall it’s lack-luster and not very compelling.

But you didn’t buy this game for story did you? With most FPSs story isn’t the strongest part of the game and that holds true for Bad Company 2. To make up for this the developers seem to have focused more on delivering more detailed and expansive locales. The variety of locations is a nice change in pace for a shooter. In one specific location, a snow covered peak, you constantly have to find shelter or heat to prevent yourself from freezing. This type of take on actively moving through an environment keeps you on your toes. Destructible buildings litter the locations you visit as well as vehicles at specific points that deliver a satisfying amount of bang. An upgraded feature to the series is the ability to completely level the buildings you fight in, on, and around. This adds a more dynamic way of fighting and picking your battles as well as makes things a bit more fun. Vehicles haven’t changed much from the first game but now there is more variety. Your choices range from ATVs, dune buggies, tanks, APCs, helicopters, and many other small armored vehicles.

For the amount of destructible objects, large environments, and enemies Bad Company 2 looks pretty good. You will notice that shadows are pixilated however but the level of detail in the surrounding area is not hampered with a visual downgrade. The only major concern for detail was the horrid lip syncing. Lip and mouth animation are not done with nearly as much quality as the other aspects of the game as evident by their lack of believable movements. Weapons have a good level of detail but the real gold is in the sound effects from each different type. Whether you are inside a tank or shooting at a tank the satisfying “boom” that comes from the following explosion. The “ears ringing” effect that many may be familiar with from Battlefield 1943 is an excellent immersion sound and much better than the hollow sounding heartbeat you receive in Modern Warfare 2.

Battlefield’s  multiplayer is one of the most satisfying experiences to partake in. With large environments, destructible buildings and cover, a good choice of game modes, and little to no lag, the touted high point was well worth the hype and coverage. For a game to outright challenge the likes of Modern Warfare is certainly a daunting task but Dice delivers on their promise. The online multiplayer can host 24 player matches which is a solid number of people considering the size of the maps. Game modes include Rush, Conquest, and Squad Deathmatch each with its own unique tasks and strategies. Rush is the previous game’s Gold Rush only this time you are tasked with exploding M-Com stations. Conquest is much like 1943’s gameplay where you have to capture specific locations and hold them to win. Squad Deathmatch puts you on a squad of four and pits you against other squads to see who comes out on top. This is where your classes and abilities will come in handy if you want to come out on top. This mode is the more intense of the others due to the score constantly being updated and shrunken size of the maps you play on. There are plenty of unlocks, medals, and ranks to achieve for those hardcore online players to keep coming back for. Dice truly does deliver an experience that is up to the task of taking on Modern Warfare 2 at their own game. The one factor that kept the game interesting was the “fun” factor. The multiplayer seemed to be much more fun and enjoyable of an experience than Modern Warfare 2 did.

Dice’s promise to deliver a quality game is upheld in the second iteration of the Bad Company series. With a story that may intrigue some, environments that are vast, numerous weapons and explodeable objects, a solid and fun online multiplayer, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a game that is not one to be passed up. Battlefield Bad Company 2 earns a “Recommended Buy” from Stuff We Like.

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