No Dead Space 2 For the PC? What Gives?

On the PC, no one can hear you… *gets killed by Necromorphs*

The guys over at Blue’s News have confirmed, after contacting EA themselves, that there isn’t a PC version of Dead Space 2 on the cards at the moment. Of course, it isn’t a flat-out denial, but they could have at least said that the PC version won’t be coming out in Q4 2011. But nope, no plans for a PC sku at the moment.

The original Dead Space was released, as is typical of these “multiplatform games”, a few months after the console release, with prettier graphics (and filled with bugs, and terribly sloppy controls). But c’mon, for all its faults, it wasn’t half bad a game and with some tighter controls, it would really have been a great play on the PC!

All you gloating console-owners may rejoice, however – the game is still scheduled to come out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year. Now maybe if we all wear bizarre maintenance uniforms and storm the EA offices with plasma cutting tools?

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