Super Bowl XLIV: The Commercials – Second Quarter

Onward we go into the second quarter of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, with the current score – Colts,10; Saints, 0.

Bridgestone Tires

Save the whales and have an awesome bachelor party. Thanks tires!

Skechers – Shape-Ups

Miracle shoes? Are they the next Thigh-Master? I may have to try these.

Even amazing people can freak about buying a car.

CBS Promo

Now I know why they’re America’s Most-Watched Network.

Kudos to these actors for doing this commercial in their undies.


Kudos to these actors for doing this commercial in their undies. (Wait, didn’t I just say this about the last commercial? Odd). At these folks got to wear shirts and sing.

Hyundai Sonata

Will Brett Favre still be playing football in 2020? I’m sure John Madden hopes so.

Bud Light

A plane crash on a deserted island. Radio or Bud Light? You make the call. I’m sure the gang on Lost wish they had those options.

Dove for Men

Sperm in a Super Bowl commercial? The times they are a-changin’! Funny commercial and song.

75th NFL Draft

Watch it in primetime. I’m sure doing it at 3am was brought up by some dope that was quickly fired for such a bad idea.

Dodge Charger

Take that ladies!

Don’t send boxed flowers. They make you look like you’re in prison.

Papa John’s

Pizza!!!! Go to their site for a special offer.

CSI: Miami

David Caruso in space? Watch the next ep to find out.

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

All sorts of awesomeness!

Dr. Pepper Cherry

KISS with midgets! Cool.

TruTV’s NFL Full Contact

Good ad. Awkward SFX.

Two and a Half Men

#1 Comedy on TV. Keep the sex and fart jokes coming!

Universal Orlando

A new Harry Potter ride! Muggles rejoice!


Great ad! Gotta get me one of those gadgets.


Don’t be a jackass and hurt a robot’s feelings. Got it.

And now, time for the Super Bowl half-time show featuring The Who!!!

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