Entirely New Pokémon Series Releasing This Year

Even more of them critters – and you have to catch them all. Where do all these new creatures keep coming from any way?

Welp, it looks like a new Pokémon series has been announced for the Nintendo DS to release this year. And by new, we mean whole new, to the point of having all new Pokémon to catch! The last time we did this was back in 2007, when Pokémon Diamon/Pearl was released for the DS. (HeartGold and SoulSilver were remakes, foo’!)

So yeah, we don’t have any real dope on what the series will have, such as any artwork or anything. But to be honest, Pokémon has outlived its charm. No, it’s not that I’ve just grown up, but every iteration of the game has been just that – the same game, with better graphics and some tweaks here and there. If you’ve played one, there’s really no reason to play the others. And the newer the better.

I hope that by “new”, their going to make this series completely new, as in not reuse the same clichés and tropes they’ve been utilising for what, one and a half decade now. But then, the veteran series probably doesn’t deserve so much slack. It is after all, a handheld game series, which means that it’s meant to played when you’re in a long, boring ride or in your dentist’s waiting room.

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