2K Boston is Now Irrational Games Again

And plus, a game announcement is coming sometime in the future.

2K Boston, formerly Irrational Games is now Irrational Games again. They used the old moniker back in the days when they made awesome titles like System Shock 2 and SWAT 4, but then they got bought by Take Two and had to change their name to 2K Boston, which is a pretty generic name. Like, it’s a 2K studio… in Boston? The studio realised their mistake and have got their name switched back to the trusty ol’ Irrational.

They even have a site up with the name, which displays a countdown. According to my very complex calculations, it’s counting down to Tuesday morning. Will we finally see the grand unveiling of 2K Boston’s Irrational Games’ ambitious new project? Well, no. According to Gameinformer, it’s just the date the site will be unveiled on, where you’ll see exclusive behind-the-scenes info on System Shock 2, Freedom Force, and BioShock.

Sorry for bursting the bubble back there.

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