Microsoft Keynote CES 2010 – My Thoughts

What a pathetic opening to the Consumer Electronic Show. First there was a huge power glitch that delayed the conference.

Then when it came time to show off the Slate PC, there is really nothing to it other than it’s a large touch screen that does not feature a keyboard and runs on Windows 7.

Project Natal is going to be released on the Xbox 360 during the Holiday 2010 season.

The Game Room is a retro game arena for your Avatar. It is coming in Spring 2010.

If you saw the conference, what are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Keynote CES 2010 – My Thoughts”

  1. Microsoft has no business even being at the “consumer” electronics show as they have never and will never understand consumers. Microsoft is a big dumb company that needs to stick with what it’s always done and quit embarrassing itself by trying to be a “me-to” every time a new product or service succeeds. What it is that Microsoft has always done is create ultra-boring software for hoards of drab cubicles and snooze-fest products that sit on the counters and in the back rooms at banks and marts and outfits of similar mundanity. I’m always amazed when anyone expects anything different from Redmond’s mindless monstrosity. How quickly people forget Microsoft’s abhorrent history and how they even came to be in the first place.

  2. Uih wie immer ein interessanter Post. Wenn doch nur alle Posts so qualtitativ hochwertig wären. Ich habe auch einen Blog über kleinere Simulationen, könntest Du mir dazu auch Feedback geben? Meine Simulation. Vielen Dank im Voraus! MFG

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