Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside – DVD Special Features Review

If you already own it or have seen it, you know what’s on the DVD of this latest installment in the Family Guy/Star Wars trilogy. For the rest of you, here’s a look at the special features found on the Something Something Something Darkside DVD.

But first…if you haven’t read my review of the actual episode, click here.

Now for the special features. Like all Family Guy episodes, this one also has a full-length audio commentary with the key people talking about the story, gags, and production design.

Commentary by Executive Producers Seth MacFarlane, Mark Hentemann, and David Goodman, Writer Kirker Butler, Director Dominic Polcino, and Actor Seth Green

Wanna know what gags were tried but didn’t work, what Family Guy characters they originally had in mind to play Star Wars characters, or why they cut certain moments that were in the actual film. Here’s your chance to find out. And it’s very funny to listen to as well.

Family Guy Fact-Ups

Remember Pop-Up Video on VH1? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. I do recommend you watch the episode BEFORE you put this feature on as it does tend to distract from what’s taking place on-screen.

The Dark Side of Poster Art

A video diary with Family Guy painter Joe Vaux who did the artwork for the Something Something Something Darkside poster. Also includes an interview with Roger Katel who did the original poster artwork for The Empire Strikes Back poster on which the Something Something Something Darkside poster is based.

Animatic Scene-to-Scene with Commentary by Dominic Polcino

A comparison of the rough black-and-white storyboard-type drawings and the final product. This was the last time Family Guy artists used pencil drawings as animatics. Now they draw directly onto the computer screen using that newfangled technology you may have heard about.

Family Guy – Something Something Something Darkside Table Read: Featuring Acts 1 & 2

Features some good bits I wish they had kept in the final version. Very funny.

Sneak Peek of Family Guy – Episode VI: We Have a Bad Feeling About This Table Read

I was hoping for a trailer, but these first few minutes of the final installment sound promising.

So, if you want to have a good laugh this winter, check out Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside and these fun special features! It’s definitely worth watching.

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