Dead Space 2 Full, In-Depth Details


Did that teaser image give you a hard time? This preview reveals all there is to reveal about Dead Space 2.

So here we have it, the full dope on Dead Space 2, which has been all the buzz on the gaming radar for the last week or so, with its teaser image and subsequent official announcement. Now we have the full details on the game, gleaned off of the latest issue of Game Informer.

You can check out the full deal here, but I’ve condensed all the details for easy consumption:

  • The story is set 3 years after Dead Space’s ending, and has Isaac Clarke has become twisted and plagued by nightmares of the monsters he faced at Ishimura (hence the teaser image). The Necromorph infection mysteriously resurfaces on a populated space station, and Isaac is sent in to do what he does best: kill mutant aliens. And maybe fix a pipe.
  • This time, you’ll see the infection take place in real-time, as it spreads and consumes the population, and not just the aftermath.
  • Isaac Clarke will have a voice. That’s right, he’s no more Mr. Anonymous – he’ll be talking and flaunting a personality. But on the bright side, he will express his annoyance at being forced to do menial tasks and do crazy shit alone.
  • The game won’t take the horror of the last game, instead it will be scarier and with better pacing. There will be moments where you feel like a powerful badass, and there will be times when you will be confused, scampering and scared.
  • Expect more intuitive missions with puzzles, instead of fetch quests.
  • There will be more “epic” moments in the game, such as in the boss fights. Good or corny, you decide.
  • Zero Gravity is changed – you can now fly and float in space and fire you weapons while doing that, too. Hopefully, it won’t make you dizzy.
  • Diverse environments: due to its space station city setting, you’ll be visiting churches, schools and other such places. The construction style of the station won’t be uniform, but haphazard, so no more brown monotony this time.
  • Isaac’s suit upgrades will now be customizable and well, diverse.
  • The game will have a cat-and-mouse feel: you’ll be hunting your enemies at times, and they will be hunting you at others. No more Isaac in Twisted Wonderland.
  • Brand new enemies! Expect kids without lips, a shy group-hunting necromorph, a tentacled guy with an esophagus that can drag you.
  • Brand new weapons! Expect a goddamn Javelin Gun that you can use to pin enemies to the wall. The game will also try to make you not stick to the plasma cutter.
  • Telekinesis is being worked on. Isaac may possibly be able to seamlessly throw a blade lying around at his enemies during combat. Gordon Freeman unable to comment.
  • Controls will be improved (I’ll believe it when I play it). The combat will be more dynamic and fluid because of the revamped controls, but it will still be a horror game.
  • Multiplayer is on. You get to strategically dismember your friends in it, but they really don’t want to give anything else away.

All in all, I’m quite impressed. While taking Isaac back to an infection site is predictable, it should be fun to see Isaac in a more dynamic environment, hunting and getting hunted. Customized suits are also nice. The combat really looks like it’s going to be a lot more fun this time, so all in all, it’s looking to be a solid sequel.

Oh, and they haven’t mentioned mini-games. I don’t know if that means there won’t be mini-games, but if they put that asteroid-shooting game back, I will strategical dismember someone alright.

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