Duke Nukem NOT dead?

Duke Nukem D-day
Duke Nukem, a beloved cliched action hero gamers still love that rips off half of his persona from Bruce Campbell and They Live. The last time we saw Duke he was awaiting the release of his next gen title, Duke Nukem Forever, which has reportedly been canceled due to the game’s production, which lasted more than 10 years with little more than an early production video and half a dozen REALLY tiny screenshots.

So what’s new with this anti-hero of the past? Well it would seem he’s not quite dead yet. On Duke Nukem’s facebook account(yes even Duke does social networking) a cryptic message saying ” Duke Nukem doesn’t stay down for long,” was posted, followed by a picture in the photo gallery for something called “D-Day”.

The picture features an person who looks very little like Duke shooting at a creature that is also not Duke in what appears to be a football stadium. There’s no announcement of which title this might be. Perhaps Duke Nukem Forever isn’t dead, or the past Gearbox(developers of Borderlands) production of Duke Begins is moving along steadily, or maybe it’s just a new production of the game.

Nothing is certain beyond that Duke Nukem may just live on in more than just our memories. One can only speculate on where this might lead, but I’m hard pressed to get my hopes up after what happened with DNF. Of course, it could all be just a little cruel Duke-tease.

Duke Nukem’s Facebook

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  1. Yeah I saw that. The background looks familiar though, like from some of the shots that were released a bit back.

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