Nintendo Showing off more stuff at E3 2010

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Zelda + Wii Vitality Sensor = Stuff We Like?

For some reason and are running two Nintendo E3 2010 announcements that are on totally different subjects. So I thought about mixing the two together in one post. Here’s the offspring:

Nintendo is developing a new Zelda game that may use the Wii Motion Plus adapter.

Nintendo is going to show off Vitality Senor games at E3 2010.

I honestly was not a big fan of Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2009. I thought it lacked the big punch that both Microsoft and Sony had. The announcement of the Vitality Sensor pretty much summed up the entire event, what the heck do I do with all this junk?

Watch my recap of Nintendo’s E3 2009 conference:

It looks like E3 2010 is going to shape up to be the year that Nintendo explains what its future goals are. With Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s own wand remote controller shown at last year’s E3, Nintendo is going to have to show us what their development teams have been working on if they want to remain king of the crop.

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