Modern Warfare 2 breaks world record, sells 4.7 million

Modern warfare money
Modern Warfare 2 has been out two days and nearly everyone is playing it. Ice T, boycotters of the game, and… well I’m sure there are more. It’s no surprise that the game is selling well but I can’t say I saw the first day sales for the game that we are seeing. The game, in it’s first day release, sold over 4.7 million copies, and that’s not world wide.

To put this in perspective the last game to hold this record was held by GTAIV at 3.6 million worldwide, where as MW2 has sold a million more in just the US and UK alone. This has netted the game’s publisher, ActivisionBlizzard, over 310 million dollars, easily bringing in more money than any movie has it’s opening weekend.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ActivisionBlizzard were to announce a Treyarch developed Call of Duty game in the coming months, but don’t expect another Infinity Ward COD title until 2011 at the very least. Until then, enjoy Modern Warfare 2 and laugh at the pundits who are crying about the infamous “No Russian” level.

Modern Warfare 2 Sells Nearly Five Million Copies In A Day [Kotaku]

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