MLG poster leaks Halo: Reach pictures and info

Halo Reach needler
The final game made by Bungie for the Halo series is coming up and we have seen nothing of it thus far, until now. Tom Morello of the MLG message board snapped up some Halo: Reach pictures and posted them, along with explanation for some of the pictures. Some pictures of old weapons are shown, like the Spartan Laser, the Assault Rifle, and the Needler. A picture of the Battle Rifle is also shown, but the weapon itself appears very different than it’s incarnations in the past.

What is the most new is a picture of a weapon that looks like a mixture of the Spartan laser and the needler. It’s said this is a heavy weapons version of the needler that explodes after 3 needles hit the target. What’s also new is the addition of a, now, often used FPS system, perks. Morello selected 3 perks, Halogram, Sprint, and cloaking.

In large it seems like Halo: Reach is pulling some stops that will bring it more into a modern FPS style with added combat customization. That being said, this all could be fake(some incredibly realistic ones) and all of it would be moot. With Halo Waypoint out now perhaps we’ll get some confirmation soon.

Rumor: Halo: Reach weapon pics leaked [Destructoid]

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