District 9 Blu-ray DVD to feature God of War III demo

District 9 DVD
If there ever were another reason for getting District 9 on Blu-ray beyond the movie being bad ass, this is it. District 9 is coming out December 29th, with the Blu-ray version of the movie will be a demo of God of War III playable on the PlayStation 3. The demo is the same one played at the 2009 E3 as well as the same version on the God of War PS3 collection to be released this November.

Beyond the movie being absolutely awesome and God of War III being one of the most anticipated PS3 release, the demo will also feature a making of video for God of War III once you beat it. So there are a few good reasons to get this on Blu-ray, even if you don’t have an HD quality TV.

District 9 Forged Together With God of War III [Sony]

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