ZeniMax Looking to Buy Valve?


The Elder Scrolls: Left 4 Dead? Half-Fallout-Life? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Rumour around the Internet is, Bethesda Softwork’s parent company ZeniMax is looking to buy Valve Software. Surprising? More than a little. Valve has been fiercely independent since inception in 1996, and seeing them become a part of a different company would be a little… unsettling, to say the least.

While Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and other Valve properties are at stake automatically, what’s really worth being concerned about it Valve’s digital distribution system, Steam. We don’t know how much of an impact Steam will face if ZeniMax buys Valve. Of course, if ZeniMax is smart, they’ll leave the tried-and-true system untouched.

And of course, after all that speculating, it’s important to note that this story hasn’t progressed beyond Rumour level yet, so don’t get all excited/disappointed yet. We’ve yet to get any official confirmation from either party, so stay tuned and get to work on your Elder Scrolls/Half-Life crossover fanfics.

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