Transformers Season 2 Volume 1 – DVD Review

Transformers Season 2 Volume 1

Well after countless months (about three), the wait is finally over for the next volume of mechanoid maniacs to burst back on to your home theater system! That’s right Transformers season two volume one is here, just in time to remind you of why you really love Transformers…

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Picking-up pretty much where season one left off, season two kicks the metal smashing, gas/energon guzzling maniacs into high octane-ass kicking mode, with even more robots in disguise (who literally seem to just show-up when called upon by Optimus Prime or Megatron)! There are also some fairly bizarre ideas like Autobot Spike, who was originally just a Frankenstein experiment by Sparkplug to pass the time by putting spare Autobot parts together and charging the shit out of it with electricity. Naturally this backfires when Spike is hurt, and must have his mind transmitted into the metal beast while surgery is done on his human body. And as you guessed, he felt a little funk-e, so he beat the shit out of the other Autobots.

We also get fan favorites like the two part Dinobot Island , Enter the Nightbird, The Master Builders, and The God Gambit. Also included is quite possibly the most cheaply produced episode of the Transformers second season, titled City of Steel.

The twenty-eight episodes come spread across four discs, featuring the same delightful IDW illustrations of Prime. Megatron, Starscream, Jazz, and Bumblebee. Unfortunately the picture department still suffers a bit, as the original broadcast tape occasionally had to be used to fill in some missing pieces (though not nearly as much as the first season). However the audio sounds wonderful in its original stereo, without the added sound effects and fake 5.1 the Rhino release featured. Sadly there aren’t any extras this time around, but there the nifty little booklet that gives you the usual run down on the episodes.

While its unfortunately lacking in the extras department, this is still a solid release from Shout Factory, and just in time to remind people why they’ve loved Transformers for all these years.

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