31 Days of Horror: Zombie Strippers


31 Days of Horror continues with the Jenna Jameson horror vehicle, Zombie Strippers. Part political satire, part B-movie, and part zombie flick, Zombie Strippers pretty much lives up to its name. It’s campy, irreverent, and over-the-top, exactly what you might expect from a film of this caliber. Does it make it a bad movie? Not if you know what you’re getting.

Back in the early 90s, the USA Network used to have a late-night movie show called “USA’s Up All Night.” This is the type of film that would fit perfectly into their programming block which also included such hits as Bikini Car Wash Company.

Porn superstar Jenna Jameson stars as a stripper who, after being bitten by a zombie, becomes one and starts to infect the other strippers who work with her. What follows are some very funny lapdance and strip routines that combine the macabre and the erotic into a bloody good time.

Also along for the ride is Robert Englund. Horror aficionados know him as Freddy Krueger from the original Nightmare on Elm Street series. Here he plays a sleazy strip club owner and plays it with campy brilliance.

Lots of blood, lots of gore, and lots and lots of boobs are seen throughout Zombie Strippers. It’s rather obvious that if porn star Jenna Jameson is going to headline in your film that nudity probably isn’t out of the question. Not only do you get a lot of Jameson going all nude, but plenty of the other gals don their birthday suits as well.

Zombie Strippers is more in the vein of Zombieland than other zombie films of late. While not well-acted, it does have a certain charm to it. If you’re looking for something off-beat and that doesn’t take itself seriously, check out Zombie Strippers.

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