31 Days of Horror: GNAW – DVD Review


31 Days of Horror returns with the stomach-churning flick, GNAW. So, who’s hungry? Well, you probably won’t be after watching GNAW, a British horror flick oozing with blood and guts. When a group of plucky young people go on holiday in the English countryside, their relaxing weekend becomes as struggle for survival. What are they trying to survive?

That would be the psychopath who not only kills, but grinds-up, chops-up, and serves his victims to unsuspecting guests. It’s a smorgasbord of terror as the once carefree young people do their best to save themselves from being on the menu.

A lot of the images are raw and disturbing, but the concept of a cannibalistic serial killer is nothing new. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, Saw, and the original Wrong Turn all came to mind while I was watching this film. It also is riddled with a number of horror movie clichés that were called-out by Scream.

GNAW has an independent film feel to it. It serves its purpose as being a shocking, gory, blood-and-guts fest, but the plot is familiar, as are many of the kills (I believe Jason Voorhees has done in a teen or two with a pitchfork). It can get rather gross and disturbing at times, which is fine since it is a horror movie of the “torture porn” variety, but that doesn’t excuse the weak narrative.

As for special features, the DVD includes:

Humble Pie: The Making of GNAW

Find out about the genesis of the film and insights from cast and crew.

Audio Commentary with Director Gregory Mandry


If you enjoy watching young people get gutted, skewered, ground-up, and served as meals, then GNAW is definitely a movie for you. Enjoy, and double-check your food later for any human body parts!

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