Alpha Protocol officially delayed by Sega. Took long enough.

Weeks upon weeks of no response from Sega on the rumored delay of Alpha Protocol. Today Sega finally confirmed that the game was delayed, and delayed HARD. Obsidian’s next game won’t be coming out until Spring 2010, as their website began saying a few weeks ago.

The reason for this is pretty unremarkable. “By pushing Alpha Protocol to Spring 2010, we can ensure that the game will be released in the best commercial release window possible and will also receive the focus this true AAA titles deserves,” said Sega Europe MD, Alan Pritchard. So yeah, the same response every other interesting game that’s been delayed has been given.

What does Obsidian have to say about it? They’re happy about it.
“We’re very happy that Sega has made the decision to hold back the shipment of the game in order to give it the best chance at becoming the publishing success that we at Obsidian and our partners at Sega are striving for,” said Obsidian CEO, Feargus Urquhart.

It’s a shame the game is being delayed for so long, but if it was ready to be released this month then I don’t really see what can be added to better the game beyond very really rigorous Game Testing to fix any bugs. But ultimately this just boils down to sales, otherwise the game would be released already or set for January.

Alpha Protocol delay is (finally) official [CVG]

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