Chuck might be returning early.

Chuck Bartowski, we had quite a scare there. What with you almost being canceled with a huge cliffhanger after a great season. That’s all in the past though, as might be the March season premiere of Chuck on NBC. It would seem that NBC might be having a change of heart in regards to the comedy/action TV series by possibly bringing the new season to us by cutting off half a year.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s sources the TV season may be returning our eyes, minds and hearts as early as this month! While cutting off a good 5 or 6 months is great to ease the anticipation it also brings more good news. If the season starts during the fall season and does well then NBC might commission more episodes for a full season.

With Heroes doing incredibly poorly this season, premiering with only 6 million viewers, less than half of House’s ratings even now, and a great number less than nearly every show on ABC in the same time slot. NBC has had to canceled Southland’s second season even before it aired. They certainly could use a successful about now, and if it’s Chuck then all the better for the fans.

NBC’s CHUCK Might Return this Month! [Collider]

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