Sony-Amazon Partnership Brings PSN Goodies


Sony has finally announced the availability of PSN, PlayStation Network, products through online retailer The service offered allows for people to buy games and media from the PSN without having to purchase directly from PSN by buying codes which are later redeemed within the Store.

Amazon has been working with Microsoft for quite some time in the digital distribution of games and codes via Amazon and according to Sony it was never an exclusive deal that Amazon had with Microsoft, merely an availability to support the process of buying from Amazon. This seems like a good time for Sony to be supporting this form of distribution as the new PSP-Go recently released and can only play games via digital download.

Joystiq PlayStation recently interviewed SCEA’s Eric Lempel regarding how the system will work. He said “Amazon is on their own as a retailer, so they can set their own pricing” and “There’s only SCEA-published content on right now.” This means Sony could have a direct competitor for digital media which may result in price drops of certain content. But that entirely depends on the profit Amazon wishes to take in and how the developers make a profit on the PSN.

“Interview: SCEA’s Eric Lempel on Amazon’s PSN Offerings” via

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