More Epic Mickey details, possibly not Wii exclusive.

epic mickey follow up
Epic Mickey is starting to shape up as one of the best sounding Disney games ever. With an issue of Game Informer with a cover story focused on Epic Mickey it was only a matter of time before we found out more information. Some key details about the game has come out, and most surprisingly is the possibility that this Epic title might not be as exclusive as originally thought.

The reason why the exclusivity of the title is coming into question is due to the lack of any mention on the cover of Game Informer. There’s no mention of it being for the Wii, which would likely be a key point for subscribers of Game Informer. In all likelihood this could be people jumping to conclusion, or an oversight on Game Informer’s part, but with game companies closing down left and right a multiplatform title is fiscally more sound than a console exclusive title.

The other important information on the game is on the story. Epic Mickey’s story revolves around revenge, namely the revenge of forgotten Disney characters. Various obscure Disney characters are forced into a world filled with broken machinery, leaving them sour. The villain is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Who is that? Well that’s the very first Disney character to be created. He’s angry that people don’t remember him, so he is hell bent on getting revenge on Mickey and his more popular friends.

The way he does this is by unleashing the Phantom Blot, another little known Disney character, who uses black ink to destroy the Disney World by making colors run together and fade. Disney, being the knightly hero he is, must save the Disney world through various tools, such as Paint thinner, Paint brushes, erasers, and the like, which are controlled through the Wiimote’s gestures.

All of these details make much of the art we’ve seen make sense. The disturbing steampunk robotic creatures are from the unnamed land of forgotten Disney characters. The oozing appearance on the cover of Game Informer is due to the effects of the Phantom Blot’s ink, and the paintbrush mickey is holding is one of the tools he uses.

What I find perhaps the most interesting is the promise of Mickey’s design. A source from EugoGamer makes mention of our Antagonist’s apperance, saying Mickey is getting “his first makeover in years. That’s why no one’s seen his face yet.” This explains the reason behind Mickey’s back being to us in the Game Informer cover, but even more confusing is the last statement. “But he’s far more retro than you’ve seen him for years.”

To comprehend all of these details and how they fit together is easy enough now, but to imagine what this project actually looks like outside of the scant pictures we’ve seen is profoundly difficult. With Disney planning an event for the game later this month, and the issue of Game Informer out there, in the ether of the postal system we can only imagine how Epic Mickey will live up to the name.

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