Ax Men: The Complete Second Season – DVD Review


It takes massive balls to do what these guys do. Loggers put themselves in harm’s way each time they fell a tree, turn on a chainsaw, or brandish an axe. They are unsung heroes; men who risk crushed bones, snapped limbs, and the constant threat of splinters. This is no job for wussies!

The second season of Ax Men finds PIHL Logging, Rygaard Logging, and Browning Logging from last season on a mission to bring in the most timber during peak logging season in the Pacific Northwest. This time around, the two logging teams are joined by three new ones.

Who will come out on top with the most lumber? What team will be the first to have a serious injury that takes one of their men out of the game? The risks, the dangers, and the ultimate pay-off are what make Ax Men exciting to watch.

It’s man versus tree, man versus machine, and man versus man, as the men vie for top dollar in on the United States biggest industries. The risks are greater, the stakes are higher, and when your life is on the line at all times there’s no room to mess around.

This four DVD set from the History Channel includes 12 Season Two episodes and a recap episode of Season One. The Bonus Features on the fourth disc include additional segments and additional footage not aired on TV. The segments include: “Ax Men Equipment,” “Training the Newbies,” and “Problems on the Mountain.”

If you’re a fan of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, of The History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers, I highly recommend this intense and oftentimes adrenaline-charged series.

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