Warriors: The Complete First Season – DVD Review


Great show! The History Channel knocks another one out the park with Warriors, an exciting and educational show all about battle, war, and fighting tactics through the ages. Hosted by Green Beret and military expert Terry Schappert, each episode finds Schappert not only talking about military and battle techniques throughout history, but also experiencing the action himself.

Schappert takes you into the world of these ancient and current warriors by showing us the pre-battle rituals, weaponry, and moves that made certain groups dominate and succeed when it came to combat. With the aid of other combat experts, Schappert immerses himself into the world of these warriors and shows what it takes to wield weapons that bring you face-to-face with your most dangerous enemies.

This first season is filled with ten fascinating eps, which include: Maya Armageddon, Viking Terror, Barbarian Massacre, Knight Fight, Samurai Showdown, The Last Crusaders, Spartan Vengeance, Zulu Siege, Islands of Blood, and Special Forces. You also get audio commentary by Terry Schappert on select episodes and a bio about Terry.

I highly recommend Warriors to anyone who’s a fan of the military, fighting strategies, or just wants to learn more about the life-and-death struggle that ancient warriors faced each day on the battlefield. Kick-ass!

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