Cursed Mountain – Wii Review

Cursed Mountain

Horror game + Wii = Impossible!?

Yes I think my equation makes sense. How many times do you see a horror game on the Wii? It’s a pretty rare ordeal, but one that should be celebrated every time.

Cursed Mountain is a snow climbing and ghost hunting game. I really thought that there would be more snow climbing in this game that revolves around you simulating the experience with the Wii’s motion controls, but you simply climbed by moving the joystick around. As far as the ghost hunting, there is plenty of that. Early on in the game you gain a weapon that can shoot at ghosts.

Imagine playing games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 4 and you can start to understand what it’s like to play Cursed Mountain. Your character moves extremely slowly even when running. When shooting at enemies you have a limited amount of movement so you can only pan around and cannot walk. There is some backtracking along with plenty of puzzles that get in your way.

Cursed Mountain isn’t one of the best looking titles out there on the Wii, but it gets the job done. There are lots of particle effects. The character and environment models are pretty detailed. What is bad is that the game looks kind of muddy. This could be an artistic style to the game, but at times it is kind of hard to see what exactly is going on. Cranking up the brightness in the game washes out these colors even more.

With all this in mind if you’re one of those horror game fans that owns a Wii and wants a new experience Cursed Mountain is perfect for you. For everyone else I’d say rent the game before you buy it.

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