Borderlands Delayed, is 100 Hours Long


The long, long gameplay length will totally make it worth it. Right, guys? Right?

Borderlands, the (what appears to be) first-person hack-and-slash with guns, has been delayed. Not to 2010, no, just all the way to October 26th for the US and October 30th for the rest of the world (except North Korea). This puts it in direct competition with Alpha Protocol, also releasing on the same date; but I don’t suppose they’ve much to fear, as they both come from different genres and have different themes.

In addition, the game will be at least a 100 hours long, according to Creative Director Mikey Neumann, who wanted to complete every single little measly mission. Of course, this has to be taken with a pinch of salt, since Borderlands doesn’t exactly have an epic story to offer, and the whole news sounds like the game is going to be very Bethesda-ish. Only about a month left now, we’ll see.

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