Silent Hill movie sequel green-lit for production.

The Silent Hill movie is probably the best example of setting a bar for movies based on games. The movie is by no means a great film, but as far as game adaptations go it’s one of the best to be released. Truer to the game’s theme than most others, and directed by a great director.

Well since its released there has been talk of a sequel, largely by Christophe Gans, the director of the original Film. Well screenwriter Roger Avary, who worked on the screenplay for the original movie and has worked with Tarantino on several occasions, and producer Samuel Hadida have both signed up for a sequel to the movie.

There are no signs of who the director might be, but the movie is being worked on the same company who will undoubtedly ruin the Resident Evil: Afterlifemovie and the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie. Hopefully, with Avary and Hadida working on it, Silent Hill 2 won’t follow Resident Evil.

Silent Hill Movie Sequel is Officially Official

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