Arkham Asylum sells almost 2 million, DLC coming, and DC focus changes

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Arkham Asylum can do no wrong apparently what with the world record, critical praise, and now their sales. The first actual good game about the Dark Knight has reportedly sold almost 2 million units in it’s first month, and two FREE Batman: Arkham Asylum to be released in the upcoming two weeks.

This comes right when DC is restructuring a majority of their licensed properties. With Marvel being owned by Disney now, DC is looking at the way they treat their properties in a new light. DC comics is now DC Entertainment to more encompass their intellectual properties in regards to their movie and game adaptations.

There has been word of many movie adaptations of their comic book heroes over the last few years, with things like Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and The Flash reportedly been in the works. Little has actually come out of these reports, but DC intends to change that fairly soon.

Jeff Robinov, the Warner Brothers president, has turned over control of DC entertainment to Diane Nelson, who oversaw the expansion of the Harry Potter. She was also the president of Warner Premiere, the branch of Warner Bros that brought the straight-to-DVD DC animated movies.

In short, what this means is that all of those properties that have been in the works for decades might actually see some serious development. The likelihood of another Superman movie, or a Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Flash, Captain America, or Justice League movie is more possible now than it ever was before. Evidently this restructuring has been in the works for a few years now, and is not related to the Disney/Marvel merger.

It’d certainly be nice to see some more movies to come out of DC, and the first stop for this is probably going to be the Green Lantern movie. Where DC goes after that I can only guess, which I won’t.

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