New Sonic game in the works… you should be excited about this one

Sega hasn’t had a great track record when it come to sonic in the recent years. The best thing they’ve released with Sonic is the DS games, and half of Sonic Unleashed. Despite these critical duds Sega isn’t giving up on the series, but is actually learning from their past mistakes. GASP!

Fans of Sonic fondly remember him for his Genesis games and the Sonic Adventure titles. Nearly every mainstream game after Sonic Adventure 2 has tried to emulate what made those games great and failed. Consistently the most enjoyable part of Sonic’s recent games has been the sidescrolling segments in the games that bring the game back to what made it great.So what is Sega doing? They’re making a 2D Sonic game! Hurrah!

A new title, now codenamed Project Needlemouse, intends to bring back the old school 2D Sonic in an HD title built from the ground up. That means it’s not a port, nor a remake, but a brand new sonic title that already has infinitely more potential than anything released in the last five years with the words “Sonic the Hedgehog” in it.

A teaser trailer for the game was released showing little more than a blue blur, floating gold rings, and a very familiar silhouette. I can’t help but imagine that this will be an exclusively downloaded title. Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s a massive scale 2D title, perhaps with a few dozen unique characters to choose from. Old and New? Fang the Snipe please?

Sega making ‘all new’ 2D, hi-def Sonic game for 2010

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