Black Dynamite trailer is explosive

Black dynamite
You just gotta love a good spoof movie, well when they’re not made by the Wayans brothers or from someone who worked on Scary movie. A trailer for what just might be one of the most entertaining movies of the year came out. The movie is called Black Dynamite, and it’s a blaxploitation spoof.

The movie is written by and staring Michael Jai White, who might most popularly be known for his role in the live action Spawn movie. The story… well frankly I can’t quite tell what the story is here because there’s so much talked about that I’m not even sure the trailer actually shows scenes from the movie.

Being it’s an homage/parody of the genre the main character’s background(blackground?) is that he’s a former CIA agent to, presumably, kick ass. The main character’s name is Black Dynamite, as though there were no doubt.

The trailer has to be watched to be believed. Action, Romance, and laughs, which makes it sound like a bad pitch for a movie but it’s true.

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