Age of Empires III Now As A Complete Collection


Not a bad package for the price, if you don’t mind games that have… aged a bit.

While the fate of the Age of Empires series remains uncertain, it looks like Microsoft hasn’t completely forgotten its beloved RTS franchise.

The Age of Empires III: Complete Collection will comprise of the vanilla Age of Empires III, along with its two expansions: Warchiefs and The Asian Dynasties. It’s a simple box set, and we don’t know of any extra goodies that come along with it, so if you’ve already got the game and its expansions, it’s got nothing more to offer.

On the other hand, if you’ve never given the game a spin, this sounds like a decent package to purchase. It’ll be priced $50 and invade stores September 15th (yes, in a week). I’ve tried The Asian Dynasties, and it was great, made quite an improvement on the original. Still, not enough for me to like the game over it’s godlike predecessor, Age of Empires II.

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