Uncharted 2 takes “Collector’s Edition” one step further

frontier hunter uncharted
Modern Warfare 2 seems to have created this new unnecessary category for over the top special editions. First their nightvision goggles, that in all honestly are probably going to be crap. Then the special edition of Operation Flashpoint 2 with an army helmet circa 1942 with dog tags. Now Uncharted 2’s jumping on the band wagon with a replica knife in the “frontier hunter edition” of the game.

What’s the catch with this one? You can’t buy it! This, quite literally, collector’s edition, will be handed out through various means, like the contests on the PlayStation.blog, the multiplayer beta for the game, and on the exceptionally boring PlayStation Home.

Beside including the game, the knife, an art book, and bragging rights to owning a rare edition of the game, it also includes codes for some “special downloads”. I doubt it’ll be much in the way of something that’ll give you the upper hand, but some cosmetic skins are likely what you’ll unlock with these codes.

It’s an interesting way to release a collector’s edition, but teases like this have plagued me for years. Seeing all of the little tchotchkes that the press get handed, or gets sold in exclusively in japan. Little of it is actually interesting, but in large doesn’t matter either way. It’ll be at the very least to see how many of these special editions don’t get sold on ebay.

Uncharted 2 Collector’s Edition Includes A Knife [Kotaku]

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