Degrassi Goes Hollywood – TV Movie Review


What are Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes doing in this movie? Adding a whole new level of awesomeness to it, that’s what! And the Degrassi gang is off to Hollywood to find fame and fortune on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Will they succeed? Will they fail? And will hopes and passions be shattered like the fragile ego of an actress on the verge of obscurity? Watch and find out.

The Degrassi gang loads up in a school bus and heads for Hollwood, California. Some hope to audition for and star in Jason Mewes’ directorial debut, others are going for their own reasons. How each character deals with the trials and tribulations of Hollywood will determine their fate in the fickle city.

If you know the series, you pretty much know what to expect. This is a soap opera aimed at teen much like The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Sex, betrayal, and jealously are only three of the many themes that surge through the Degrassi world like Propofol through Michael Jackson’s veins (too soon?).

Degrassi: The Next Generation airs on The N, and the film will more than likely pop up a few more times before its DVD release. Check out the soundtrack to the film by clicking here.

So get your Degrassi on and watch Degrassi Goes Hollywood the next time it airs. For the complete schedule for The N, click here.

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